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Glasshouse has finally slunk out of his cave for his debut release, the ambient-pop ode to classic house record that is his self titled EP.


After a decade of silently pushing buttons and turning knobs, Brisbane's indie-house producer Alex Prenzler is now ready to spread the boogie. Mixed by himself and hip-hop king El Delpha (Rohan Kindt) while being mastered by the Hawaiian legend of wavy-trap, Weaver Beats (Jerred Jones) this record is sure to spread.

The EP was made in collaboration with Icelandic singer Anja for the he throw-back ambient vocals of 'Lost Causes', Melborune's NEW$HOES on 'Us' and a co-production with Disraeli for the spooky-house banger 'Haunted'. 


Currently based in the green foothills of Wellington, New Zealand, 2020 marks the year of Glasshouse. With a stockpile of new music to release you'll be sure to see him playing in a city near you.


Glasshouse- Self titled ep

Released April 27, 2019


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